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IAIDL center accreditation and individual certification programs delivered through an active network of IAIDL Authorized Provider® worldwide; in order to enable individuals and organizations to assess, build and certify their competences in the use of artificial intelligence and future management tools components according to the global-recognized standard.

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What is IAIDL?

IAIDL offers individual professionals two levels of certifications, a basic level which is a prerequisite and an advanced level certificate both of which are earned after an adaptive pre-assessment & an exam.

IAIDL offers institutions an IAIMA certification which is an international artificial intelligence maturity assessment certifications, that assess an organization’s level of AI Maturity so that the organization can recognize The Artificial intelligence readiness, at one of three possible levels — Foundational , Operational , Transformational .

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IAIDL assessments and examinations are all secured online adaptive tests that are timed and scored using ML & AI, making it individualized for professionals setting for the examination and producing a more accurate reporting for centers & IAIDL.

All certificates are verifiable with a unique link and a QR code that can be displayed on professional social networks or resumes for authentication, and will lead to a candidate specific verification page

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