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Structure And How We Are Governed


The General Assembly is the overarching organ and ultimate authority of the Organization. It is an annual meeting attended by our principal officers.

The IADL Board

The Board is the core governance body of the Organization and reports to the General Assembly. It meets three times a year and is made up of 20 member bodies, the IAIDL Officers and the Chairs of the Policy Development Committees IAIDL Confirmatory assessment, Advisory Groups and Partners, IAIDL IEC and IAIDL DEVC.

IAIDL Board address matters related to IAIDL confirmatory assessment, IAIDL IEC, IAIDL DEVC. In order to oversight of the Organization’s governance practices, and nominations and approval for governance positions and Centers

The Board has direct responsibility over a number of bodies reporting to Board.



IAIDL CA (Confirmatory assessment) :

develops policy and publishes Developments on AIMA , IAIDL lab , IAIDL product related to conformity assessment, it does not perform conformity assessment activities. Membership to IAIDL Confirmatory assessment is open to full and correspondent members.

Prof. R. Clarke Professor of Operations and Systems Australia
B. Bogard Carlisle-Brinkley - AI International law USA
R. Gold Technology Inventor USA
Dr. Y. Kalogerakis CEO JMK | Anthropocentric and transformation Greece
Dr. K. Kayid Australian Computer Society ACS & SIGGreen Australia
M. Diab General director of EBDA Israel
S. Anika Retired FBI Special Agent & CEO USA
Bhushan Muthiyan AI Leader | Data Scientist India
A. Alazab Senior Lecturer | Computer Scientist MIT
Dr. A. Adl Ph.D. in Computer Science (AI & Robotics)
Founder of the Cognitive Digital Twin
Mark D. Minevich President of Going Global Ventures
Executive Chair AI for Good Foundation
UN Expert Advisor


The International Electro technical Commission (IEC), to produce guides related to consumer issues in the certification & services development of IAIDL.

Technology Manager
AI officer
Software Engineer
AI officer
Technology Manager


leads IAIDL’s work on developing countries. IAIDL DEVC supports developing countries in standardization matters by identifying needs and recommends actions to help meet them, for example through technical assistance and training. Technical assistance and training focuses on many subjects including Building the correct Mindset for building AI and FMT ,AI and FMT Standard Developments , the role of AI and FMT in economic development, AI and FMT development, AIMA conformity assessment.

Advisory Groups and Knowledge partners provide advice on matters related to IAIDL’s Technical policy and contents of AI and FMT certifications and tools.

Membership to the Board is open to all member bodies and rotates to make sure it is representative of the member community.

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