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IAIDL was established in June 2016 as an American International research and innovation program office focused on harnessing the scientific and economic potential of AI and FMT to boost global competitiveness and correlate it with Global AI index. It does this by directing AI and FMT research and innovation of strategic interest, developing international level of AI and FMT systems and building AI and FMT talents and capabilities to catalyze industry transformation. IAIDL is funded by International Research organizations and corporates.

Through its Authorized Provider®, it brings together Artificial intelligence and future management tools experts to share knowledge and develop voluntary, consensus-based, market relevant International AI and FMT Standards that support innovation , Adopt changes , and provide solutions to global challenges.
You’ll find our Main Office in Wyoming, USA.Learn more about our Structure and how we are governed

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What are the UN Goals?

The world’s collaborative to-do list for the next 15 years. The global goals address social, economic, environmental and climate challenges in a comprehensive, integrated way. The goals are about more than words: they are about concrete action.

By Aligning IAIDL with UN-SDG’s we will be able to tackle the global goals, we can be the first generation to end extreme poverty, the most determined generation to fight inequality, and the last generation to address climate change.

How is IAIDL helping the UN goals?

Our first concrete step to help with the UN goals is by sponsoring the development of a Data Science & AI. In partnership with numerous international partners (Goal 17), we are democratizing access to Data Science & AI education by delivering quality content (Goal 4). Access to this kind of education will reduce inequalities (Goal 10), and will eventually provide the pipeline of skilled individual that is so much needed to propel economic growth and jobs (Goal 8).

International Standardization and services

IAIDL Services have continued to emerge over the years, with brands in different parts of the world offering innovative products and services to help businesses and individuals. The emergence of artificial intelligence and FMT’s like extreme AI has shown the limitless possibilities of technology. However, thousands of people across the globe are yet to fully realize or even enjoy the inherence benefits of these technologies, IAIDL is looking to change the narrative by adapting the international standardization of AI and FMT through :

IAIDL dedicated to raising Artificial Intelligence competence standards in the workforce, education and
society. Our certification programs and Organizational Capabilities services, delivered through an active
network, enable individuals and organizations to assess, build and certify their competence in the use of
Artificial intelligence and future management tools components, and 4th revolution tools to the Globally-recognized standards.

Through this International recognized organization we will benefit from the unique support of experts from
national computer societies and partners worldwide to develop vendor-independent standards which define
the skills and knowledge required to use Artificial Intelligence and future management tool technology
effectively. We work with education and training partners, local and regional authorities, national
governments, international development organizations as well as public and private sector employers
in all sectors, in the delivery of our programs and services.

Our Main objectives:

  1. Promote a human-centric and ethical approach to AI AND FMT, grounded in human rights—maximize the benefits of AI AND FMT to improve the well-being of humankind;

  2. Support a multi stakeholder approach to AI AND FMT —support collaboration and discussions on AI AND FMT that include active participation by the scientific community, academia, the private sector, civil society, related international organizations and governments;

  3. Stimulate innovation, growth and well-being through AI AND FMT —promote cross-sectoral innovation and drive inclusive and sustainable economic growth, while respecting ethical principles;

  4. Align efforts on AI AND FMT with the principles of sustainable development and the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development—support the development, use and adoption of AI AND FMT to address the global challenges we face as set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to help promote the equitable sharing of benefits and reduce digital divides, with a particular focus on developing countries and the advancement of gender equality;

  5. Strengthen diversity and inclusion through AI AND FMT —strive for AI AND FMT to be developed and used to include and benefit all populations, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable and marginalized;

  6. Foster transparency and openness of AI AND FMT systems—support participation in multilateral transparency initiatives, support an open environment for AI AND FMT systems that includes the transparency of AI AND FMT -based decisions, and encourage public and private investment, wherever possible, in open datasets, open models and open source software;

  7. Foster trust and accountability in AI AND FMT —create the conditions for greater trust in AI AND FMT by increasing accountability in AI AND FMT development, use and adoption through sound data protection, digital security, and robust privacy and ethical frameworks;

  8. Promote and protect democratic values, processes and institutions—promote and protect democratic values, including democratic institutions and processes, the rule of law, the free market, respect for human rights, the freedom of the press, access to information and civil society space;

  9. Bridge digital divides—undertake to close digital divides (access, skills, benefits) that prevent certain populations from accessing and benefiting from AI AND FMT , with a particular focus on developing countries and women and girls;

  10. ssssPromote international scientific collaboration on AI AND FMT —work toward greater international scientific collaboration on AI AND FMT , including by working to identify and address key research questions.ss

IAIDL and the White House

America has long been the global leader in this new era of AI, and is poised to maintain this leadership going forward because of our strong innovation ecosystem. Realizing the full potential of AI for the Nation requires the combined efforts of industry, academia, and government. The Administration has been active in developing policies and implementing strategies that accelerate AI innovation in the U.S. for the benefit of the people. These activities align with several areas of emphasis: AI for American Innovation, AI for American Industry, AI for the American Worker, and AI with American Values. IAIDL keen to work in order to support this particular vision and connect it self to this portal for exploring these activities in more depth, and serves as a resource for those who want to learn more about how to take full advantage of the opportunities of AI.

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