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IAIDL Accreditation

Initial Application Process

Please see below for all of the steps involved in completing the initial application process. You may begin these steps at any time by clicking on the link above.

IAIDL or one of its regional distributors works in collaboration with applicant institutions toward meeting IAIDL standards and attaining an initial accreditation status. There is no pre-candidacy or candidacy status with IAIDL. The entire process may take from 1 to 2 months, depending upon the ability of the institution to demonstrate its compliance with IAIDL standards.

Application Stage

At the application stage, an applicant centre
must submit these forms:
– IAIDL application form
– Organization profile, detailing information on organization
– An accredited tester application form for each staff member who will be running IAIDL examinations
– Copy of organization registration documents
– Copy of organization exam policy & QMS

Review Stage

Applications are reviewed within 14 working days from receipt of complete documents. If amendments are required, documents must be updated re-submitted for final review.

AI LAB Approval

Approved center should submit photos of its AI Lab and its individual equipments.
Equipments should include but not limited to:
– Open Source Robot
– VR Tool
– Unity Software
– 1 Drone
– 3D Printer
– Sample of IoT Tools

* Tools can be substituted with a proven rental contract

Accreditation Stage

At this stage, an applicant centre will receive a notice stating either approval or rejection of application. An approved centre will receive non-negotiable legal contract within 14 working days. The applicant centre must respond with signed contract within one month from receipt of soft copy agreement

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Final Step

Upon receipt of signed contract and payment of the annual accreditation fee, the new will receive an IAIDLs operations manual and login details to automated testing system (IAIDLs). IAIDL will then arrange an online training session with the new IAIDLs.
Training will include:
– Ordering and payment process
– Using the online testing system
– Certification process
– Any other clarifications on delivering IAIDL programme

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