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Material Modules AIMA 2020-11-16T10:35:42+00:00

AIMA Assessor Material Modules

Module 1: An introduction to the AIMA

  • Why AIMA?
  • AIMA – An introduction
  • Overview of AIMA categories and process areas
  • Overview of the capability and maturity levels of AIMA
  • Parts of process areas and excellency model
  • Overview of the AIMA structure Model

Module 2: Strategy and data governance

  • Data management strategy
    • Data management strategy
    • Communication
    • Data management function
    • Business case
    • Funding
  • Data governance
    • Governance management
    • Business glossary
    • Metadata manage

Module 3: Data quality and data operations

  • Data quality strategy
  • Data profiling
  • Data quality assessment
  • Data cleansing
  • Data operations
  • Data requirement definition
  • Data life cycle management
  • Provider management

Module 4: Services and tools architecture and supporting processes weighting

  • Tools architecture
    • Architectural approach
    • Architectural standards
    • Data management platforms
    • Data integration
    • Historical data archiving
  • Supporting processes
    • Measurement and analysis
    • Project management
    • Process quality assurance
    • Risk management
    • Configuration management
    • Conclusion

Module 5: Global AI index and its methodology

  • Understanding GAII methodology
  • Contribute in the the index
  • Understanding index weighting
  • Improve your sectorial performance using AIMA and GAII
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