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Why IAIDL 2019-10-13T09:31:10+00:00


IAIDL programs are for any professional wishing to become fully competent in the use of  AI tools and common applications of future tools. Skills enable different age group to understand and use AI to improve their personal and professional lives. IAIDL modules provide a practical program of up-to-date skills and knowledge areas which are validated by a test.

Why Get an IAIDL Certification?

Professionals may select from a wide variety of  certifications to demonstrate their competence in AI, learn valuable skills, and advance their careers. An IAIDL certification validates a professional’s technical knowledge and experience with specific technologies, methods, or practices.

IAIDL certifications require candidates to pass one or more tests. In preparing to pass these credentialing exams, professionals gain and practice certain skills. Many professionals value the process of preparing for these tests since they gain knowledge they can apply in their jobs and use to advance their careers.

With AI for AI

IAIDL assessments and examinations are all secured online adaptive tests that are timed and scored using ML & AI, making it individualized for professionals setting for the examination and producing a more accurate reporting for centers & IAIDL.

All certificates are verifiable with a unique link and a QR code that can be displayed on professional social networks or resumes for authentication, and will lead to a candidate specific verification page