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Why Must you be Part of our Society ?

Get Accredited and be part of world distinctive leaders

1- First organization worldwide build a methodology to gain International recognized license.

2- Build your mindset to Lean Valuable of AI and FMT skills according to international best practices.

3- Our Certification and Services Aligned with Global AI Index and Silicon valley Practices.

4- Build a clear Learning Path development with IAIDL certification.

5- Competency based Training and utilizing of AI to analysis the organization capabilities.

6- The only organization that supported many Countries and entities to accelerate their I-transformations with IAIDL tools and capacity building.

7- Integrated accelerated solutions to support government entities , Entrepreneur ,and job seekers

8- The only Organization that partner with international AI associates worldwide through AI and FMT research and implementations.

9- Through IAIDL membership you can visit and learn from the tech-organizations in silicon valley : linkedin , google ,navida , microsfot ..etc

Supporting Industry Partners

IAIDL Affiliation

With AI for AI

IAIDL assessments and examinations are all secured online adaptive tests that are timed and scored using ML & AI, making it individualized for professionals setting for the examination and producing a more accurate reporting for centers & IAIDL.

All certificates are verifiable with a unique link and a QR code that can be displayed on professional social networks or resumes for authentication, and will lead to a candidate specific verification page

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